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Steve's mission is to show people that you can be more of yourself when you go on your healing journey. You can create more, be more, and live free on this wonderful planet.

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"It's Time To Have Fun Whilst You Heal Your Heart & Soul". Steve.

Here is Steve's fiancé, enjoying yet another moment of comedy from his book.

There are infinite amounts of truth within each of the 10 chapters of the book. Steve could have re-written and edited the book for the next 93 years. The book was written in 2015 and then took Steve 7 more years to edit.

It has been a journey of the heart ❤️

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Discover Your Spiritual Self! Click Here To Try Our Heart Initiation Academy Quiz

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The Heart Initiation Academy

Founded in 2015 by Steve and crowdfunded with help of JP Sears, David Bruce Leonard, Ruby May and other expert teachers. The academy has gone on to help thousands of students to heal their hearts and have better relationships with others.

Discover Your Spiritual Self Click Here To Try Our Heart Initiation Academy Quiz

    Come close to the fire

    Steve's Mission


    My mission is to empower individuals to connect with their authentic selves and live a life of purpose and meaning. Through my work, I provide practical tools, resources, and insights to support personal growth, spiritual development, and holistic wellbeing. I am committed to promoting self-awareness, self-love, emotional mastery, forgiveness, compassion, and integrity, and to fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share our vision for a more conscious and connected world.

    The path of spiritual awakening is a journey of self-discovery and growth that leads to a deeper understanding of oneself, others, and the universe. It involves connecting with one's inner self and the divine, releasing limiting beliefs and patterns, and embracing new perspectives and possibilities. The path of awakening is unique for each individual. It often involves a shift in values, priorities, and perspectives, as well as a deepening sense of compassion, gratitude, and purpose. Ultimately, the path of awakening leads to greater peace, joy, and fulfilment in life.


    Jesus said, "Blessed are they who have been persecuted in their hearts: they are the ones who have truly come to know the Father. Blessed are they who are hungry, that the stomach of the person in want may be filled."

    Gospel of Thomas, Saying 69.

    My interpretation:

    "Real truth speakers have been persecuted so badly in the last few years. Especially since 2020. Those people are blessed because God loves truth and hearing truth. Blessed are those that hunger for the truth, your hunger for truth will be filled."


    I am human and I am doing my best to be human. I was just a normal dude living in England and then my awakening journey took me to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colorado, California, Colombia, and many places in Europe.

    I honour my journey to stay true to myself which is a dude with a great sense of humour who loves Karl Pilkington, Stephen Merchant, Ricky Gervais, Blackadder, animals, trees, Bob Marley, plants, mountains, reggaeton music, and of course dancing Cali style salsa!


    I will do my best in all situations when it comes to being an entrepreneur, being myself, dancing, speaking, and writing. I will do my best to take of my family, friends, nature, and all living things around him. I even love my enemies.