It's 2023 & The Holy War Continues

It's 2023 & The Holy War Continues

Welcome to 2023. 2020 and 2021 were a tumultuous mess of lies, deception and evil. 2022 was the year that The Great Awakening really set itself on fire. More and more people are choosing truth over lies. The Holy War continues as we play out The Book of Revelation until the very end. 

For those who choose to embody the truth there is rich reward. 

For those who choose to persecute the truth speakers there is chaos ahead. 

For those who choose to continue to try to commit crimes against humanity there is death ahead. 

America is falling into the hands of fascism like nothing I have ever seen before. I've now been banned from five American social media websites, I think I am the most censored man on the Internet. Elon Musk is fighting but I still don't have my Twitter account back. Facebook is a cess pit of lies. YouTube wants to make sure your babies are dead - I posted this video on YouTube and they deleted it and banned me. LinkedIn wants you to worship Bill Gates until the end of time. It's no wonder Russia and other countries hate Western civilisation. It's not civil, it's a fascist technocratic nightmare straight out of George Orwell's 1984 novel. 

Soon the blind will see. 

Justice is coming and those who proclaimed their love for the psychological and literal genocide of the last years will serve their time in hell. 

Blessings to those who have taken the healing journey of their heart and soul, you will be redeemed. Heaven on Earth is yours. 

May Christ be with you. 

May Truth be with you. 

Forever & ever. 


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