The Reclamation of God

The Reclamation of God

Before 2014, I never much used the word 'God'. Why would I? I didn't understand the meaning of the word and I also felt the word had been purposely bastardised so the majority of people didn't understand what it means. 

Here we are in 2023 and I use the word 'God' quite a lot. I also feel many more people are trying to understand God than in 2014. I now use the word God because I feel that I understand the word God and the meaning of the word God. 

From my perspective, the word 'God' is interchangeable with the word Divine. When I say 'God' I mean The Divine. 

An individual can reclaim God by knowing The Divine within themselves and within others but it will ALWAYS start within the individual. You cannot see The Divine in the external world if you do not see it in your own Heart & Soul. 

To see your True Divine Self means you must go on a journey to heal your Heart & Soul. This is the reclamation of God. 

When an individual reclaims God, they reclaim their power, pleasure, and purpose. They reclaim justice for themselves and for the innocent people around them. 

When an individual reclaims God, they understand the Sacred Union within their own heart and the strength of the connection between their own I AM Consciousness & their Soul. 

When an individual reclaims God, they speak the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. 

When an individual reclaims God, they consistently find alignment with their Divine Plan and they bring down their version of Heaven On Earth. 

When an individual reclaims God, they offer their gifts to the rest of humanity. 

2023 is the time when God wins this Holy War and The Divine wins this Holy War through your perfect Heart & Soul. 

May God Bless You. 


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