When I Was At School The Kids Wrote A 'Book of Hate' About Me

When I Was At School The Kids Wrote A 'Book of Hate' About Me

One of the things that happened when you went to high school in the UK in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s is that you get with the boys is that there is constant brinkmanship. This essentially means, "constantly pushing each other until there is a disaster." 

This has worked well for the comedians that have come out of these generations. Ricky Gervais has played with that edge of extremely well by mixing his jokes with pure truth and some integrity. For others, like Jimmy Carr, this has meant acting like a prick. 

The bullying at my high school in 1997 was often more emotional turmoil for me than physical fights. There was only one stabbing at my school, a few boys were thrown into poles head first, and many were thrown into giant trash cans. There was also one guy who used to punch ever other guy in the bollocks. Fortunately, nobody died. 

Unfortunately for me, everyone was telling me that they wanted me dead to my face. Then they wrote a book of hate about me and all signed it. The guys who organised it wrote about 10 pages of reasons (including drawings) of why they hated me. Part of me desired to channel my great grandfather who spent time on the Battle of The Somme firing his machine gun at the Germans. He survived. I didn't have his machine gun at Farnham Heath End School and so I, fortunately, I had to resort to comedy to fight my way out of it. I was, and am still now, known as one of the funny dudes who likes to joke at least 95% of the time. In some ways this brinkmanship was a way toughen each other up, in other ways they were just c****.

I even tried my hand at stand up comedy in London in 2011 in front of about 120 people. It was truly terrifying and I was literally awful. I had one laugh at the beginning and one laugh at the end, the bit in the middle was a real problem for the audience. The annoying thing was that not even my friends laughed on those lonely 5 minutes on stage. 

It wasn't until 2012 that I started to go on a healing journey to heal myself from the trauma of being alive and living with psychopathic governments, journalists, teachers, and friends. Fortunately, I found the right guides at the right time and everything aligned. I had to work hard on my self-awareness, humility, integrity, self-love, boundaries, communication, emotional mastery, understanding my inner masculine, feminine & inner child and much more. Looking back, it was a seriously cool journey and it's a journey that my Soul is still taking. 

I'm in a situation where The Great Awakening is fully in control and people really love what I can offer them in terms of wisdom in this Holy War against people who love to lie, talk shit, abuse, and are so out of alignment with The Divine it is unreal. 

We'll continue to love these people until they either

1. Wake Up.
2. Are put in jail for the crimes against humanity.

We'll let The Divine decide what to do. 

PS. If you are at school and you are being bullied, ask God to start a Holy War on the satanic freaks that are bullying you.

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